"7 Things You Must Know About 'Mitake Waterfall' in WATERFALL A New Musical"

1) The Real Waterfall on Stage: It's Wet and Real!
Scene "Mitake Waterfall" is a highlight everyone has been waiting for. It has been recreated as a real waterfall, flowing and positioned right on the actual stage. Those sitting in the front rows might just get wet for real!

2) The Long-Awaited Return After 15 Years...
About 15 years ago, Thai theater saw something truly unique with the inclusion of Mitake Waterfall in the hit musical "Behind the Painting." Now, after 15 years, "Mitake Waterfall" makes a comeback in "WATERFALL a new musical," giving those who missed it a chance to experience the legendary waterfall that captured the nation's imagination.

3) A New Narrative from the Real Waterfall to a Watercolor Theme

This time, the story of Mitake Waterfall takes on a fresh approach with the lead character, Katherine, portrayed as a professional watercolor artist. Audiences will witness a seamless transition from the real waterfall to stunning watercolor imagery that transcends imagination.

4) Mitake Waterfall is a Real Place

Many might not be aware that Mitake Waterfall is a real place, inspired by the popular tourist destination in Japan known as Mount Mitake, located in the Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park, not far from Tokyo.

5) A Different Season for the Waterfall...Spring Summer: A Season of Hope

While 15 years ago, the Mitake Waterfall scene was set during the autumn season, this time in "WATERFALL a new musical," it appears in the spring and summer, with fresh, blossoming foliage, symbolizing a season of hope.

6) Created with Advanced Technology and Environmental Sustainability in Mind
After 15 years, the return of Mitake Waterfall in its original creative team incorporates more advanced technology. This includes water treatment systems to maintain water quality and constant clarity, along with a commitment to water-saving practices in line with current environmental trends.

7) A Pivotal Setting in the Story
Apart from its breathtaking beauty and the grandeur it adds to the production, the Mitake Waterfall scene is a pivotal setting that etches the characters into memory. How it plays out this time is something you'll have to see for yourself.

These are the 7 things we want you to know about the iconic scene that is making a comeback on the stage. Come be part of this world-class experience!
"WATERFALL a new musical"
- Show Dates: September 13th - October 1st, 2023 (Only 20 shows)
- Venue: Muangthairachadalai Theatre, Ratchadaphisek Road
• Tickets are now on sale.
• Ticket Prices: 5,500/4,000/3,000/2,500/2,000/1,000
- Purchase tickets at Thai Ticket Major counters or online at

(English subtitles available during the performance)



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