The important collaboration of top talents, from Broadway's and Takonkiet Viravan, together with the Thai theater team., in a new musical inspired by "Behind the Painting The Musical," At Muangthai Rachadalai Theatre on September 13th.

WATERFALL A NEW MUSICAL This is a story about the backdrop of the turbulent pre-World War II era in the 1930s. Catherine, a young American woman engaged to a foreign diplomat in Thailand, encounters Noppon, the passionate assistant to the Prime Minister, who leads her on an emotional journey. Both must navigate their desires for each other and their respective national prejudices before facing the complexities of a rapidly changing society, where Siam oscillates between traditionalism and the influence of Western culture, juxtaposed with the Ayutthaya border.

On the path to the "Mitake" waterfall, a new chapter unfolds,
guiding them both toward a love story amidst the cultural clash of the times.
How their tale concludes... only Catherine and Noppon know.
Tickets are available for purchase starting from August 20th, 2023,
at all Thaiticketmajor Counters or through 



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