Ulysse Nardin Freak Out 45 mm Replica Watch Price 2053-132/02 (194 อ่าน)

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The best embodiment of innovation as well as individuality Tasting Ulysse Nardin FreakX magma watch

Ulysse Nardin was born within 1846 and has a history associated with nearly 180 years. Along with continuous development, Ulysse Nardin has found its own route, that is " personality and innovation". In 2001, Ulysse Nardin's highly creative whimsical view came out. The design of " absolutely no dial, no hands, simply no crown" allowed watch enthusiasts to see infinite possibilities, and also the Freak X magma enjoy is the brand's first inside 2020. The upgraded function launched in 2008 completely displayed the pioneering nature of Ulysse Nardin watches. (Watch model: 2303-270/MAGMA-BQ).

Inspired through volcanoes, the Freak By Magma watch combines reckless exploration with watchmaking. This continues the consistent character style of the series, eliminating the conventional dial and fingers, but returning to the overhead design, interpreting a unique visual concept.

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As mentioned previously, the overall design of this see is closely related to volcanoes. Its case is made of unique magma red carbon fiber, which can be made of ultra-light carbon fiber and also red marbled epoxy resin. The special texture is similar to rolling volcanic magma, getting a strong visual effect..

The biggest feature from the Freak X watch is actually its dial design, that removes the cover in the dial and exposes the actual movement structure. Some people might ask, how to see the period? This watch actually signifies the time through the central link plate of the movement. Top of the strip bridge plate shows the minutes, and the reduced plate indicates the hrs. The end of the bridge dish is also covered with a lustrous coating, which can be read precisely whether it is day or evening. Take time.

The carrousel device can also be one of the highlights of this observe, it can also revolve around the main axis while rotating. Additionally , the escapement balance steering wheel is equipped with nickel counterweights along with fine-tuning weights and is made from silicon. There are very few brand names that use silicon as the stability wheel in the watchmaking business, not to mention the hollow contact form, which reflects the superb the making of watch technology of Athens View from the side.

The original Freak collection had no crown, as well as the time was adjusted by revolving the bezel. The Fanatic X magma watch provides a traditional crown, which is far easier for the wearer to operate. The actual crown is engraved using the iconic brand logo regarding Ulysse Nardin, which is extremely recognizable.

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Turning to the rear, you can also appreciate the precise motion structure. The UN-230 self-winding mechanical movement carried through the watch is redesigned in addition to transformed from the UN-118 movements and the UN-250 movement. That combines the advantages of both, as well as its performance is more prominent. It may provide about 72 several hours of power reserve when it is totally wound, and it is waterproof to some depth of 50 meters.

Ulysse Nardin equips this watch having a black leather strap embellished with red safety stitches.

The Nut X magma watch retreats into red and black colour scheme as a whole, which not just has the calmness of a lady, but also the dynamic energy. Combined with the inherent bold development of Ulysse Nardin, all of us can't help but enjoy the beauty of nature and the crash of mechanical power. involving stunning sparks.




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