How to Play Wordmeister? (145 อ่าน)

16 มี.ค. 2565 10:31

The game begins with both participants being assigned a letter at random. The player who has the first letter in the alphabet has the first turn.

To earn points, make words. Let's use a free online word finder to make words

To make a word, arrange your letters on the board. Each letter has a score given to it, and your words can be two or more characters long. The more difficult letters have a larger value. Wordmeister accepts any word from the official Scrabble dictionary. When there are no more tiles or when neither player can find a word, the game is over.

Bonuses for words and letters:

You'll note that the board has a variety of colored squares. They offer the following benefits:

- The value of the letter on the square is doubled when it is blue.

- Green = triples the letter's value on the square.

- The worth of the word is doubled when it is written in orange.

- The worth of the word is tripled when it is written in red.

You're at a loss for words?

You can use your turn to swap as many letters as you want for new ones if you're really stuck. For some creative inspiration, you can also skip your turn or shuffle the letters.

Other people who can assist

A short in-game tutorial will help you get started.

In the game panel, you can see how many points you got for each word.

In the lower-left corner, you can see how many tiles are left in the bag.

The scores of both players are presented in the upper right corner.




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