Concern at changes to screening in Wales (17 อ่าน)

2022-01-07 12:49

Concern at changes to screening in Wales

Women have expressed concern after cervical cancer screenings were reduced from every three years to every five.

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Public Health Wales (PHW) said a new method of testing would in fact "save more lives" and apologised for how changes were communicated.

However, 526,000 people have signed a petition calling for a rethink, while more than 1,700 signed another calling for a debate in the Welsh Parliament.

Catherine Jones, from Wrexham, called for more clarity.

She said cells on her own cervix had been normal a few years ago but now show as "high-risk", adding: "I know a lot can change in three years."

Cancer Research UK said it wanted to reassure people the changes were based on "years of research" and more effective testing methods made it safe to do so.

The charity's Andy Glyde said: "I can absolutely understand the concern, I think this has been a very poorly communicated change, but it is the right change that should be made.

"To those half a million (who signed the petition), they can be confident that this is based on evidence, in research, it's not been plucked out of the air, it's absolutely not cost-saving or anything like that."

However, Ms Jones said extending the gap between tests to five years was "something that people would be worried about".

She added: "I was shocked when I saw it and it was only because of the petition. Nothing was mentioned in any of my appointments that it was changing to five years.




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