Cost of living: How oil heating price rise is worrying families (129 อ่าน)

26 ม.ค. 2565 12:44

Cost of living: How oil heating price rise is worrying families

As millions of UK families prepare for a hike in their energy bills, some are already feeling the pinch because their heating is powered by oil.

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Sara Bate, 43, is one of 1.5 million UK householders whose heating is powered by oil as her home in rural west Wales does not have mains gas supply.

As many worry about the energy price cap rise, higher bills are a reality for oil customers such as Sara.

"Everything has got a bit more basic," she said.

The mother-of-one added: "I eat basic food and I need new shoes but they are going to have to wait.

"I juggle the bills. I could get rid of my car but I'm looking for work and round here you need a car because there isn't a bus service up here anymore."

Sara has not bought any clothes "for quite a long time" because her heating costs are soaring as the temperatures drop with the cost of oil reaching a seven-year high.

How much is the cost of living affecting families?

It comes amid a cost of living crisis with prices in the UK rising at the fastest rate in nearly 30 years and people have been warned it could get worse.

Costs to heat homes of oil customers have risen sharply - some by more than 50% in the past year - and it is particularly affecting rural areas like where Sara lives.

While oil heats 4% of UK homes, more than 33% of homes in Ceredigion are heated this way and Office for National Statistics research said the county had faced the highest increase in fuel bills of any area in mainland UK in the past year - £863 on average.

The energy price cap, which limits how much providers can charge for energy per unit, is expected to soar in the spring because of "unprecedented" rises in gas prices and will affect the three-quarters of UK households.




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